Why Water?

Average adult’s body is 65% water, so that is no wonder why we can only survive 3-5 days without a sip of it. The main purpose of the water is to transport nutrients and oxygen into our cells, it carries away all of our waste products through urination and lubricates our digestive tracts, joints and cartilage. Adequate fluid intake per day is about 10-15 cups.
Like every other drink, if you over drink water you’ll fell nausea and vomiting. On the other side, athletes and every physically active person can drink more than just 10-15 cups a day.

So, why water? It’s simple. This zero-calorie drink helps you lose weight and all of your waste products. People who are fitness fanatics and fitness trainers will agree that, there is no better drink than water to help you lose weight and get your body moving (from inside).
Aside from losing weight, water can help you prevent pain such as, joint pain, headache, fatigue and more.
But that is not enough. What else can water do?

1. It cuts hunger in half- When your body is experiencing dehydration it alarms you to go to the fridge and dig deep into snack-thoughts. And like everyone else, you’ll listen to your body and make yourself a snack. What you should’ve done is, take your bottle and drink your water! If you are not able to tell the difference between hunger or dehydration, drink 2 cups of water 10 minutes before you eat or when you feel hungry. It’s quite simple, but quite useful.
2. It keeps your mind relaxed- When your brain is full with oxygen, you feel a lot better. Hydrating your body with water will help you transport oxygen into your brain, giving him something that he can relax with. A minor dehydration can impact your daily performance, change your mood, or it can make you feel fatigue. These effects can lead you to bad choices, lack of concentration, not eating properly and more. 4-5 cups a day added to your daily income of water can help you keep your mind relaxed and sharp.
3. Improves your workouts- Muscle and joint pain are often a sign of dehydration. Hydrating your body while exercising can improve your performance and also will help you reduce injuries. And again, it’ll help you lose weight.Also, make sure you increase your water intake after every workout.

Why water over alcohol? Have you ever heard a drunk person in the morning? If you haven’t, this is what they say: “Ahh, this water is so tasty !”
So, why is that? It’s no secret that alcohol steals a lot of your water. After a night full of alcohol or soft drinks, your body will be needing a huge amount of water to repair the damage from last night. That is the reason why water is tasty after a night full of alcohol. Another reason why water over alcohol is, alcohol will slow your process of losing weight, or worse, it can add weight over night. And who wants that?
Appreciate your body enough to hydrate it plenty during the day.