Not Losing Weight. Am I Getting Healthier or Not?

Have you ever heard someone say that he is following a certain diet and fitness or calisthenics workout plan but he is not seeing any results yet? Now they are all upset and think they are losing time, so they quit. Is it really that hard to lose weight and regain your health? No.

It’s no secret that measuring health is through strength, endurance, cholesterol levels, mood and, of course, weight loss. But what happens when you are not dropping numbers from the scale? Does that mean that you are done with your diet or that your diet plan is poor?

Numbers are just numbers, they don’t have to mean anything to you. That’s a weight loss plateau that you are not supposed to believe in. Even if you are not dropping any numbers off the scale, you are improving your health and physical being.

If there comes a time where numbers play psychological role in your life, it’s time to read this post and notice the signs that your body is putting on the table that your health is improved.

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1. You have more stamina. 

The healthier you become, the more stamina you’ll have. Even though stamina and weight loss are coupled in some way, when you are not dropping numbers off the scale it doesn’t mean that your stamina is not improved. Every now and then perform little tests like, measure how many stairs you can climb and not get a heavy breath, run with your kids and not slow down for a break, etc.

2. You have more energy.

Continuous exercises are a major contributor to your health improvement. Again, exercising and weight loss are coupled, but there comes a time when your weight just won’t drop and you are not losing weight. One research shows that, even though you are not losing weight, exercising will bring your health to an uphill. Now you may ask yourself, how can I improve my health when I’m wasting energy on exercising? Exercising has an energy-boosting benefit which will improve your health in no time. So when you wake up fresh and happy, be grateful because that is your health improving!

3. You feel happier.

As the physical fitness improves, so will your mood. One study shows that, sticking with an exercise program improved happiness among older adults in just eight weeks. This means that, even if you are not losing weight, your exercise plan is worth it.

4. You have more strength.

As I’ve said earlier, one of the main aspects of measuring your health is strength. When an exercise is followed continuously, your physical fitness is improved, so as your strength. Many times this means more numbers on the scale, but there is nothing to worry about.
Muscle is denser than fat. A pound of muscle takes up less space than a pound of fat. So even if the numbers on the scale aren’t decreasing, you might be replacing fat with muscle.

5. You feel smarter.

Obviously, improving your health isn’t just about the body — your brain health plays a major role, too. And if you notice you have more mental clarity, better memory and feel all-around sharper, you can thank your fitness routine. Embrace your fitness routine!

6. No more big portions.

Logic says that if you burn more calories through exercise, you’ll want to eat more to make up for it, right? Research shows it’s actually the opposite. Individuals who keep up with a consistent exercise routine are actually more likely to eat less and have a decreased appetite after their sweat sessions. This depends on the intensity of your workout, but in general, it’s true.