How to Stay Motivated and Continue With Your Exercises

You’ve got your workout plan, you are following it for some time already, but there are no visible results shown yet. You are taking pictures from your body, trying to notice some changes but still, nothing there. Feelings of disappointment and resentment are about to take over your mind and the next thing you are going to do is give up. After that much time spent in the gym, all those healthy meals and you still want to quit.

Even though you are not seeing any results on the outside, you are still making tremendous changes internally.

Instead of giving up on your goal and going left when you should’ve gone right, you can try and stick till the end. When I was younger my grandfather gave me the greatest piece of advice someone can get: “Son, you have already started, why don’t you stick till the end and see the results?” I thought about it for a second and realized that he is right. With one single question he told me everything. Every journey has it’s own ups and downs, and if you recall, the beginning is always the hardest part.

Staying motivated is a must when you are trying to achieve something. Let’s give you some pointer in order to keep you longer in the gym.

How to stay motivated?
1. Change your thoughts.

Don’t be a block of meat going to the gym, doing your daily routine and come back home to sleep. Think outside of the box. When you are at home, relaxing, channel your thoughts on to something useful like, see yourself at the top celebrating. Visualizing that you’ve already achieved your goal, you are 80% there.

2. Set a goal.

Isn’t it great when you’ll circle the last day on the calendar which means your goal is finished? It’s the greatest feeling in the world.
After you’ve decided to embark on a fitness journey, set a goal as you do with everything else. Set something realistic and start small. You don’t have to worry about It too much.
By making working out a goal you will be more likely to take it seriously. Write your daily goals on a small piece of paper and fold it and throw it out every time you are finished. That way you’ll have more fun doing what you do.

3. Schedule your workouts.

In one of his books, Robin Sharma is telling a story about his friend. He said that his friend, at 5 pm every day, was living everything behind to work out. It doesn’t matter where he is or what is he doing, he would go up to his car and drove down to the gym. His phone is off for the next hour for everyone.
That is a hell of a story. Scheduling your workouts is a very important benefit. You’ll learn how to be more disciplined and also, you’ll achieve your goals that you’ve set earlier.

4. Find a partner.

Finding friendly competition will give you the needed boost in the gym. When you are trying to achieve something, but you feel your motivation is leaving you, find a decent partner to workout with. When people are feeling a need to beat someone in any kind of competition, they are giving 105%. Who among us doesn’t want to win? You’ll find a ton of excuses why not to do something, but when someone is watching, you have no option but to shine.