Healthy Benefits Of Having Sex On A Regular Basis

Ever thought about all the other benefits that sex offers, other than an exploding orgasm and pounds of pleasure? Well, if you want to boost your immune system, improve your cardiovascular health, prevent cancer and boost your mood, just keep having healthy sex habits.

Numerous studies point to the health benefits of having a blasting orgasm, whether you are coupled up or flying solo between the sheets.

I know that you are smiling right now, but let’s see what kind of benefits does sex offer.

  1. Less stress- It’s a well known fact that stress is the mood killer of every person in the world. Having healthy sex habits can kill your mood swings and overthinking within minutes. Studies show that sex can trigger the pleasure rods in your brain and actually increase endorphin (hormone for happiness).
  2. Better sleep- Ever dozed off after a sweaty workout between the sheets? Well, no worries, sleeping after sex is actually pretty common (and pretty fulfilling actually). Sex experts are not sure why is this happening, but it’s proven to help a lot of people who struggle with insomnia or other sleeping issues.
  3. Healthier and stronger immune system- Having sex more often will result with a healthier immune system fighting germs and viruses with a strength of a mighty warrior. People who have sex at least twice a week are more likely to take a fewer sick days of the year.
  4. Lowers your blood pressure- Having sex more often is linked with lowering your blood pressure level. A study shows that people who have more sex (not masturbation), a more likely to decrease the level of systolic blood pressure.
  5. Improved hearth health- Sex counts as an exercise, which is always good for the heart. Having a healthy sex life will help you balance the levels of estrogen and testosterone in your body. Either of these is low, you begin to have issues like heart diseases or osteoporosis.
  6. Fewer pounds- Having a sweaty workout is always good for your body image and health. Sex offers a five burned calories per minute, which is four more than sitting on the sofa watching TV. Although sex counts as an exercise, it won’t replace the gym or the park, but it’s always good to make time even for a less intense workout. Go do it now!
  7. Pain relief- It is known that sex can be a sweet replacement of aspirin. The next time your head aches, instead of going for an aspirin go for a romantic journey between the sheets with your partner. Studies have shown that people who even think of their romantic partner feel less pain and get distracted of the pain within minutes.
  8. Prevents cancer- Studies have shown that many man can benefit from having sex on a regular basis. Good and healthy orgasm coupled with testicle stimulation while having sex can significantly reduce the chances of prostate cancer.