Fitness Tips- 3 Quick At-Home Exercises for ‘Lazy’ Women

Rich festive celebrations, active socializing and celebrating with a glass of alcohol is reflecting negatively on your figure. Flat tummy gets his ‘famous’ round shape, and other muscles are becoming squishy and soft.

Of course, amid festive celebrations we all lack the motivation to go to the gym, even though we have made a New Year’s resolution to follow our fitness plan. At this point no fitness tips, nutrition advising nor diet will help us, except to get our mind to its right path. So, we have finally built up our motivation and we lack of exercising routines. At-home exercises are the perfect way to get your body moving even when you are lazy or unproductive.

You don’t need much time, nor much effort to maintain a certain body figure that you feel comfortable with. Find at least 20 minutes for this home routine that I’m going to present in advance of this post.

If you are a women, tired of her stressful day, and you want to improve your physical fitness and get into shape, but you are lazy to do 1 hour long exercises every day and you lack of fitness tips, this is the perfect at-home exercise plan for you.

Note, you can always try a calisthenics workout plan if you want to spice things up.

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Fitness tips- 3 quick at-home exercises for ‘lazy’ women:

First exercise: Double side leg raises.

This exercise can be performed while you are in front of the TV watching your favorite TV show.

fitness tips- hip raises


Lie on the right side of your body, and place your legs in a straight position with your upper body so you draw an imaginary straight line. Extend your right hand and tilt your head. Start with lifting both your legs towards the ceiling while keeping your ankles touched with your toes directed forward (see picture). Slowly lower your legs towards the floor.

Second exercise: Chair dips

Using your body weight, with this exercise you will tone your shoulders, back muscles, triceps and chest.

fitness tips- chair dips


Sit on the edge of a stable chair or hard bed. Set your hands next to the hips with the fingers holding the edge of the chair/bed. Using your hands, lift the hips and buttocks and place them in front of the chair/bed (see picture). Start with bending your elbows and lowering your buttocks towards the ground. Using the muscles of your hands, lift your body up.

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Third exercise: Hip raises

This exercise helps to strengthen your hips, buttocks and thigh muscles. With each raise you’ll feel tension to your muscles.

fitness tips- hip raises


Lie on the floor on your back and bend your knees at an angle of 90 degrees. Place the heels on a coffee table, chair or bed. Toes should be directed towards the ceiling, and arms stretched along the body. Tighten the muscles of the buttocks and lift your hips to make a bridge (see picture). Return to the first position.