Absolute Worst Foods You Can Eat After An Intense Workout

After an intense fat-burning workout it’s time to replenish calories and nutrients with the right combination of proteins and carbohydrates. While this sounds great, you’ve done an intense workout and you are all happy, the food you eat after a workout is what matters the most. If you want to get the most benefits out of the workout you’ve done, choosing the best food is the proper way to go.

It’s sad to hear that a lot of people don’t know what to avoid after a workout and they end up with high calorie intake and sudden increase in the waistline. In order to help those in need, I decided to name a list of foods you should definitely avoid if you want well-built physique.

  1. Pastries

Pastry is a stiff dough enriched with fat and it’s used to make small cakes or different kinds of candies and other baked goods. Many people choose to eat a piece of coffee cake that is hiding tons of calories enriched with extra fats and sugars that is bad for their waistline. It’s pointless to whine about not having a perfect waistline if you start your day with tons of sugars and fats. Instead of pastries for breakfast, go for a nice and healthy protein shake or oatmeal mixed with fresh or dried fruits. Pastries after a workout are a huge no-no also.

  1. Fast food

Hamburgers, cheeseburgers, French fries, hot-dogs and nachos sound like a perfect way to satisfy your appétit after an intense workout, but they are an excellent tool to successfully destroy your fitness journey. While they seem like a nice idea for a cheat meal, eating them every day is a bad idea. If you want to see yourself get fat and crash records with your cholesterol level, give this a try.

  1. Pizza

I know, it sounds delicious. Crispy dough covered with cheese and pepperoni feels heavenly as it goes down your throat. But as satisfying as that sounds, it’s bad for your fitness journey. Dripping with grease, just one slice could deteriorate your gains from the soaking-wet exercise sessions you did earlier.

  1. Milk chocolate

High in sugar and calories, milk chocolates will give you no benefits whatsoever. Scarfing down 100 grams of milk chocolate after a sweaty workout will do nothing but damage to your body. If you suddenly felt sugar deficiency, try dark chocolate that is at least 70% cocoa or banana rich with potassium.

  1. Salty snacks

Eating salty snacks like potato chips and pretzels can lower the level of potassium in your body, which is important to the recovery phase. Potassium is a mineral essential to the body for cell function, which is more important electrolyte than sodium. Because the body loses electrolytes during a sweaty workout, the last thing we should do is deplete the level of potassium with a bag of chips.

  1. Soda and beverages

Don’t ever try to replenish lost fluids with sweetened sports drinks or beverages. Drinks with lots of sugar can only slow your metabolism which is not what you want after or during a workout. Rehydration should be done with water or tea with no sugar.