4 Types of Food to Speed the Fat-Burning Process

We have many reasons to eat properly and to control our weight. Some of the reasons may be, to lose extra pound, to start a brand new weight loss journey, to lose those last 4 pounds, etc.
Whatever the reasons may be, this four types of food will help you speed the whole process and squeeze the healthiest benefits out of you weight loss journey.

4 Types of Food to Speed the Fat-Burning Porcess:

1. Eggs.

It’s a well known fact that eggs facilitate the process of burning fat- by welcoming a feeling of satiety and reducing the consumption of additional unnecessary calories. According to a research, it was found that, adding 2 eggs in your breakfast will reduce appetite and caloric intake in the next 24 hours. Additionally, the protein that is found in eggs contains one of the best choice of amino acids, which is found in any food, making them great for building a muscle mass.
Consume at least 2 eggs every day, 5-7 days a week.

2. Cinnamon.

Cinnamon helps to control body fat in a way that improves insulin sensitivity and helping to melt away fat – two effects that you need when you want to reduce body fat. Cinnamon improves utilization of insulin that penetrates the muscle cells, improving the building of muscle mass for those who train hard instead of storing it as a fat. Studies have found that the ingredient which is found in cinnamon (methylhydroxychalcone polymer) improves the melting fat process by burning glucose in fat cells – it’s just like having a fire inside the fire. Because of that, cinnamon is a major ingredient in the fat-loss supplement industry.

3. Oats.

This classic breakfast will help you reduce body fat by providing a set of complex carbohydrates that help insulin to be stable throughout the day. Athletes who ate complex carbs at breakfast and lunch, had lower levels of insulin than those who ate simple carbs (products that contain simple sugar, juices and soft drinks, etc.).

4. Green tea.

Green tea is more and more accepted as an ingredient every day. A lot of people think for a fact that, green tea is even better than black tea. Although both types of tea contain caffeine, which helps to speed up metabolism, the primary ingredient that accelerates the burning of fat is catechin epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). EGCG inhibits enzymes that break down norepinephrine. Also, this is a key neurotransmitter in regulating metabolism.